Bài giảng tiếng anh dễ nhớ và dễ học
Bài tập trạng từ (số 01)

Lý thuyết về phần trạng từ các em đã nắm vững rồi đúng không, chúng ta cùng làm bài tập nhé:


Bài 1     Write the sentence and include the adverb. It should come in mid position or, if necessary, after the subject.

1.  You’ll definitely pass the exam, but I wont, (probably)


2.  The bus is a few minutes late, (usually)


3.  But I do have a day off. (seldom)


4.  We’re getting ready to go out. (just)


5.  I’ve been checking all these figures, (carefully)


Bài 2    Complete the sentences, using one of the following adverbs

slowly          easily           here              a bit              tomorrow

clearly          happily         much            a lot              automatically

1.  You must see the doctor _____

2.  You didn’t write the address _____

3.  The children played _____

4.  The train travelled so _____

5.  They won the game _____

6.  The meeting was held _____

7.  The machine switches itself off _____

8.  We don’t go out _____

9.  I play the piano _____

10. I watch TV _____


Bài 3   Choose the correct word.

1.  I understand English quite (good/well).

2.  We have to work (hard/hardly) for the exams.

3.  I ran as (fast/fastly) as I could.

4. I haven’t seen the postman (late/lately).

5.  He often gets up (early/earlily).


Bài 4         Look at each adjective (in bold type) and put in an adverb.

1.  The fans were happy. ~ They were certainly smiling _____

2.  They say snow is likely. ~ That’s right. I’ll _____ snow tomorrowmorning.

3.  This isn’t going to be a long visit. I won’t stay _____

4.  The rise in crime has been dramatic. Violent crime especially is rising _____

5.  Jeans aren’t suitable for a wedding. ~ Well, I suppose I’ll have to be _____ dressed.

6.  The balloon was high in the sky. It floated _____ above the countryside.

7.  There are some lovely singers in the choir. ~ Yes, they sing absolutely _____ don’t they?


Bài 5      Write the second part of each sentence with one of these adverbs in mid position: finally, immediately, just, now, soon.

1.  I’m feeling overworked, but I’ll be on holiday.


2.  The photos must be here somewhere because I’ve been looking at them.


3.  I’ve been thinking about the offer for a long time, and I’ve made up my mind.


4.  My sister used to play tennis, but she spends all her time on the golf course.


5.  I saw smoke coming from the building, so I rang the fire brigade.


Bài 6      Put in these words: after, afterwards, already, any longer, far, long, nolonger, still, yet. Some of the words have to be used more than once.

Richard : I’ve been here an hour, and I’m _____ waiting to see the doctor.

Adam : Well, you haven’t been waiting as _____ as some of the otherpatients.

Emma : Have you bought your ticket for the concert _____?

Alice : No, not _____

Emma : Well, don’t leave it too _____ They’re going pretty fast. Most ofthem have _____ been sold.

Mark : That nightclub we went to last year _____ exists. In fact thebuilding has been knocked down.

Phil : It’s only a few hours since I’ve been back, but I’ve _____ noticedquite a few changes _____ only a year away.

Leanne : I just can’t live in that awful place _____ It really gets on my nerves.

Paul : So you _____ haven’t solved all the problems with your flatmates.

Leanne : Not really. It’s OK having meals together. We’ve done that rightfrom the start. But we’re  _____  having regular arguments aboutwho washes up _____ And anyway, I don’t like living so _____ from the city centre.


Bài 7    Combine the information in one sentence. Decide if the adverbial goes in mid position or end position.

1.  Lucy: I buy a newspaper. Every day I get one.


2.  Mark: I don’t go to the theatre. Well, I seldom go.


3.  Adam: I’ve thought about emigrating. Often.


4.  Kate: In the evening I cook a meal. Well, most evenings I do.


5.  Alice: I won’t get married. That’ll never happen.




Các em kiểm tra bài mình vừa làm qua phần đáp án nhé:


Bài 1

  1. You’ll definitely pass the exam , but I probably won’t .
  2. The bus is usually a few minutes late .
  3. But I seldom do have a day off.
  4. We’re just getting ready to go out.
  5. I’ve been carefully cheking all these figures.

 Bài 2:   

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Clearly
  3. Happily/here
  4. Slowly
  5. Easily
  6. Here
  7. Automatically
  8. Much
  9. A bit/ a lot

      10. A lot / a bit

 Bài 3

  1. Well
  2. Hard
  3. Fast
  4. Lately
  5. Early

Bài 4:    

  1. Happily
  2. Probably
  3. Long
  4. Dramatically
  5. Suitably
  6. High
  7. Beautifully

Bài 5:   

  1. I’ll soon he on holiday.
  2. I’ve just been looking at them.
  3. I’ve finally made up my mind.
  4.  She now sends all her time on the golf course .
  5. I immediately rang the fire brigade . 

Bài 6:

  1. Still , long
  2. Yet, yet,long, already
  3. No longer , already, after
  4. Any longer , still, still, afterwards , far .

Bài 7:

  1. Buys a news paper every day.
  2. Seldom goes to the theatre
  3. Has often thought about emigrating.
  4. Cooks a meal most evenings.
  5. Will never / won’t ever get  married