Bài giảng tiếng anh dễ nhớ và dễ học
Bài tập tính từ (số 01)

Lý thuyết về phần tính từ chúng ta đã học xong rồi nhé, giờ các em làm bài tập về phần tính từ nhé:


BÀI 1.      Put in each or every

1. _____ of the six flats has its own entrance.

2. We had a great weekend. I enjoyed _____ minute of it.

3. The book is divided into five parts and _____ of these has three sections.

4. Car seat belts save lives _____ driver should wear one.

5. _____ day seemed to pass very slowly.


BÀI 2.      Put in much, many, few, a few, little, a little.

1. The weather has been very dry recently. We’ve had _____ rain.

2. Listen carefully. I’m going to give you _____ advice.

3. Do you mind if I ask you _____ questions?

4. This town is not a very interesting place to visit, so _____ tourists come here.

5. I don’t think Jill would be a good teacher. She’s got _____ patience.


BÀI 3.     Put in the two words in brackets in the correct order.

1. There is no news at the _____ (time, present)

2. I’ve never met _____ (anyone, famous)

3. You have to read some _____ before you can run the program. (instructions, involved)

4. There was a plan to build a leisure centre, but the _____ has gone bankrupt, (company, concerned)

5. There were only a handful of _____ at the reception, (people, present)


BÀI 4 .     Complete the sentences, using one of the following words.

free           deep                  witted                hearted      distance     famous

made         tight                  covered              minded     lighted     looking

1. After the flood, all the roads in the area were mud- _____

2. There is a lot of beautiful hand- _____ pottery in this shop.

3. Tom is too narrow- _____ to listen to what we have said.

4. Daisy is not only intelligent but she is aslo terribly good- _____

5. There is not enough light for us to read. It’s a badly- _____ room.

6. This is a water- _____ container because water cannot go in or out.

7. We should do everything to make our world a weapon- _____ place.

8. The good news of her mother made her feel very light- _____

9. They could cross the stream because the water was just ankle- _____

10.    Peter always helps us deal with difficult problems. He’s a quick- _____ person.

11.    Tom goes around the country in his lorry. He’s a long- _____ lorry driver.

12.    Pele is a world- _____ football player, who scored more than 1,000 goals in his official matches.





Các em cùng kiểm tra phần đáp án nhé:

Bài 1: 

  1. Each
  2. Every
  3. Each
  4. Every
  5. Each

Bài 2:

  1. Little
  2. A little
  3. A few
  4. Few
  5. Little

 Bài 3:

  1. Present time
  2. Anyone famous
  3. Involved instructions
  4.  Company concerned
  5. People present

 Bài 4

  1. Covered
  2. Made
  3. Minded
  4. Looking
  5. Lighted
  6. Tight
  7. Free
  8. Hearted
  9. Deep

     10. Witted

     11. Distance

     12. famous